Friday 22 June 2018

Just Like Flower, Let Yourself Bloom

Something fresh after Eid Mubarok, Btw Minal Aidin Walfaidzin , Mohon maaf lahir bathin gengs ! Just arrived at jakarta after go to my father's hometown, then i feel like im cravings for some place to play, taking a photo and chit chat with my friends. So ya i decide to go Onni House. Keep scrolling to know what i found there ! :p
So here we go, i know this place full of cutie flowers, so i choose to be one of them, hahaha ! no, no  ! im kidding, i choose to wearing cute dress with soft colors.

All things that im wearing are no brand, but i hope you can steal this look if you want gengs hehehe, and hope you enjoy this blog posting, dont hesitate to comment or maybe asking something. Thank you for reading, see ya on my next blog posting. 


  1. Always love your style. Selalu gemas gitu #ootdnya dan selalu berwarna ^^

    The Wonderland by Kartikaryani

    1. hihihi makasih banyak de, iyanih kek rainbow cake jalan ya, hahaha !