Wednesday 14 March 2018

Choose Happiness

No one want to unhappy, being unhappy is also my fear, but you can't put ur happiness in other person. YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO DECIDE YOUR OWN HAPPINESS.

Suddenly i want to sharing something about happiness. 
About happiness and being happiness, first thing first you have to do is.... you have your own happiness, you decide you are happy, then you can spread the happiness for other people. example.. you want to give someone a pieces of cake, for sure you must have the cake first, right ?.

Whatever you do, make sure its makes you happy first. But another point is, choose happiness without harming others.

About this look :
Scraft : This is April 
Top Polkadot : Meraki , Zilingoid
Pants : No brand
Shoes : Converse  
Thank you so much for reading, see ya on my next blog posting ! 
Alapiyuh ! dont forget to choose Happiness !


  1. I think your Happiness is spend your time chillin in some cute coffe shop or cafe. Kayaknya Ka Rima selalu tau tempat-tempat lucu nan gemas dan outfitnya juga lucu. Btw mau dong tutorial turban yang biasa dipake Ka heheh ^^

    The Wonderland by Kartikaryani

    1. hahahaha RIGHT babe ! one of my thousand happiness itu hahaha ! soon beb aku share ya tutorial turbannya hihi

  2. fotonya keren-keren banget kak