Saturday 6 May 2017

Ready For Breakfasting at Gastromaquia ?

Happy Sunday everyone, this Sunday im gonna share about another place to eat, hang out and of course a good place for taking ootd, haha!. Yesterday i’ve been have lunch at this place, this is not the first time i came there, that place always make me to go back, because i fall in love with the interior, the menu and also the good service they have given. And now i got opportunity from Clozette and this place to review in my blog, ah thank you so much ! 

Are you already curious enough with this place ? So please guess the place ! hihihi, so the name of this great place is “GASTROMAQUIA” ,have you already go there gais ? If you never go there, so after you read this i bet you must really want to go there. (sotoy abis. Haha). So lemme share about Gastromaquia,  

So this is about interior, this place is dominated by white color ,and little bit touching with black. Thats why i love this place for taking a picture, its gonna match with my instagram feeds hahaha, good vibes, simple and comfort.

 Look at the mirror, there is a reflection of my lil bro when he taking a picture of me, hihi.

 Love the dim light :3
White, black and wodden interior gonna make you enjoy to killing time right here.

 Cute terrarium

  Mirror ...... mirror on the wall, who's my soulmate ? ANSWER PLEASE !!! (wkwkwkw ngegas).
Because Ramadhan gonna coming soon, so they also have Menu special Ramadhan, so you can prepare from now, write gastromaquia on your list for breakfasting with your friends, BF, or your family. They have so many special menu that you can sharing with another people you love. Besides that, they also have another great menu, this is some menu that i ordered yesterday...
Surely you're familiar with this menu, yaps ! This is Spagheti Carbonara beef, you can choose other than beef, to many options so sorry i can't remember :(
Maybe this is modern meatball, or meet ball with another look, hahaha. The name is, Stuff Meatball.

Who's loves salad ? yes iam !!! you too ? so this is the salad that you have to try at gastromaquia, House salad.

 My god, this is my favorite menu , guess what ? YASSS this is Mac N Cheese Beef ! You must try !!
Nah, i've never try this , but this is taste good gais ! Seems like Maryam Bread, but inside this you will find small pieces of chicken, paprika, and other , i can't remember , i only rembember about the taste, eumm so nyumayyy !! The name of this menu is, Chicken Quesadillas.

So ya, next ... i have this for dessert , i have Key Lime Pie, cute name right ? This is a pie with sour and sweet taste with marshmellow on top. Ah nano nano banget rasanya.

Like i said, the menu is unique, good taste and make you full. Ahhh thanks god, akhirnya perbaikan gizi juga ( haha yaampun sedih banget). So gais, after read this, what do you think about this place ?. Oiya, about address , Gastromaquia at Jl Ciniru 1 No.1 RT 4/ RW 3, Kebayoran baru, South Jakarta. 
More about this place you can find them on instagram Gastromaquia
Just tell me if you already go there ! hahahaha 

Sooooo ... thank you so much for reading, hope you can get some great photos, and good food for sharing too ! Lafffyuuuu gais, see you on my next blog posting.

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